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The Hawaiian Islands

The Hawaiian Islands are composed of about 137 islands in total. Most of these are actually offshore islets, cures, and atolls. The island chain is so vast and extensive that the entire area is called the Emperor Seamount Chain.

Inter Island from Oahu

One of the best, easiest, and frankly cheaper ways to visit the other islands to to take day tours from the island where you’re staying.

Inter Island from Maui

Its so easy and convenient to see other islands from a single location. Picture yourself in a hotel where you can keep all of your luggage and souvenirs you collect, but travel to multiple islands and sightsee differing landscapes.

Inter Island from Kauai

Kauai is known as the Garden Isle because of its annual rainfall keeping the forests lush and green. Although it is not the largest island in the Hawaiian chain there are so many activities and tours to do on this island.

Inter Island from Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island, The Big Island, Big I, the Orchid Isle, its the same name that describes the same place. An island filled with untamed rain forest and jungles with raging volcanoes. But if you’ve explored it all, then where else could you go?