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maui to oahu tour

Maui to Oahu - Pearl Harbor, Arizona Memorial & USS Missouri

Fly over to Oahu and visit one of the most significant sites in America – Pearl Harbor. It was here that on December 7, 1941, the United States experienced an attack from the Imperial forces of Japan and was subsequently drawn into World War II.

With convenient departures from Kahului Airport on Maui, this tour offers the most far-reaching daytrip to Pearl Harbor. You’ll get to see the Arizona Memorial, a platform that was built right on top of the sunken USS Arizona battleship, and the USS Missouri battleship, which hosted the events that concluded the war. You’ll have plenty of time to visit all the notable locations and the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center.

After your Pearl Harbor tour, your Oahu day excursion continues in downtown Honolulu. View the tranquil Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific with its painstakingly landscaped acres, which includes the courts of the missing, the chapel and meticulous mosaic maps of the Pacific theaters of action in World War II and Korea.

Finishing the tour will be a drive through the historic district of Honolulu, which includes sights of Kawaiahao Church, the Hawaii State Library and Archives, the statue of King Kamehameha, Iolani Palace and the quaint Mission Houses.

Tour Highlights:

  • Pearl Harbor Visitor Center – browse through the exhibit galleries featuring World War II artifacts
  • Navy shuttle boat ride to the Arizona Memorial  (Shuttle operations are subject to the schedule of the navy launch and may be subject to weather conditions or maintenance and repair schedules of the navy without notice.)
  • Guided tour of USS Missouri battleship – see the last battleship built by the U.S. Navy
  • Drive through Punchbowl National Cemetery of the Pacific
  • Tour of downtown Honolulu attractions
  • Iolani Palace – the only royal palace in the United States
  • Kawaiahao Church – the first Christian church in Hawaii, built between 1836 and 1842 of some 14,000 thousand-pound slabs of coral rock
  • Mission Houses – see three restored missionary houses, two of which are the oldest houses in Hawaii
  • King Kamehameha Statue  – see the statue of the King Kamehameha the Great who united the Hawaiian Islands

Tour Inclusions:

  • Roundtrip airfare from Kahului (Maui) to Honolulu (Oahu)
  • Ground transportation on Oahu in comfortable air-conditioned motorcoach
  • USS Missouri battleship admission included

Please note: The airlines are adding surcharges for some dates that are close to selling out. Please call us at 1-866-482-9775 for availability and to check if there is a surcharge for your travel date.

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Where and When:
This tour departs from Kahului Airport. View Map.
Check in at 5:30 am at the Kahului Airport (Hawaiian Airlines counter).
Approximate return from Oahu to Maui is about 7:45 pm.
The airlines are adding surcharges for some dates that are close to selling out. Please call us at 1-866-482-9775 for availability and to check if there is a surcharge for your travel date.
Effective 9/13/21 on Oahu and 9/15/21 on Maui for 60 days, guests 12 and over are required to show proof of vaccination in order to visit restaurants, museums, and similar establishments or show proof of a negative COVID test taken within 48 hours. There are sights on this tour that may require this.

Acceptable Proof of Vaccination
-Either a hard or digital copy of a state-approved vaccination card AND photo identification with the same information as the proof of vaccination. Vaccines administered outside of the US are not accepted.
-Full vaccination means two weeks have passed after the second dose in a two-dose COVID-19 vaccination series.

Acceptable Negative COVID-19 Test
-Must be an FDA approved molecular or antigen test taken within 48 hours AND photo identification.

If you have additional questions about the vaccination mandate, please visit www.oneoahu.org/safe-access-oahu.

Regular Restrictions
Due to stringent airline requirements there is a NO CANCELLATION/NO REFUND policy for this tour. This includes name and date changes.
For all island flights or day trips, the NAME ON TICKET MUST APPEAR AS IT IS ON PICTURE ID (license or passport).
The airline will deny boarding if the passenger's legal name, as shown on their valid, government-issued ID, does NOT match the name on their E-Ticket.
All passengers MUST present government issued photo ID for airline check-in.
International travelers must bring a valid passport for airport security check-in.

Strict security measures are currently being enforced at Pearl Harbor:
No purses, handbags, backpacks, diaper bags, camera bags, fanny packs, luggage or other items that offer concealment are allowed in the Pearl Harbor Visitor Center or on the Memorial.
Strollers with pockets and compartments must be empty before being allowed in the Visitor Center.
Bag storage is available at the entrance to the Visitor Center for a $3 fee per bag fee.
Do not leave valuables on the bus.

Shuttle Operations to the Arizona Memorial are subject to the Memorial's run time, maintenance, repair schedules and to weather.
Special Notes:
Due to ceremonies on December 7th each year, the park is closed to commercial vehicles, and we do not operate our normal tours to the USS Arizona Memorial on that date. Also, on rare occasions and due to external factors outside of our control (including inclement weather and/or shortages of boat launch tickets), there is the possibility of not being able to visit the Arizona Memorial during your visit. You will still be able to visit the many Arizona exhibits and the Visitor Center and other monuments at the park.
Operation Days:
Operates Wednesday, Thursday & Friday (closed on Thanksgiving Day, December 7, Christmas and New Year's Day)
Approx. 14 hours
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